What is The Body Gossip Education Programme?

The Body Gossip Education Programme is a multi-award winning self-esteem class aimed at teenagers aged 13-18 of both genders. It is delivered by the Self-Esteem Team.  The classes give students a unique insight into the worlds of internet, media, fashion and beauty so that they can negotiate them on their own terms with confidence.
Body Gossip have been teaching self-esteem classes since 2008 and to date have worked with more than 30,000 teenagers in schools and colleges throughout the UK.
As featured in the Times Educational Supplement, our aim is to inspire, uplift and entertain and NEVER to patronise. We believe our class will be relevant to every student in the room.
A recent feedback assessment showed 84% of our students described themselves as being more body confident after taking part in our class.
The commonest comments we get from students are:
"When I heard we were having a lesson on 'body image' I cringed but that was actually really interesting".
"Thank you for not patronising us"; and
"I wouldn't have accepted that message from my teachers/parents".
You can see direct quotes from students, teachers and parents below.



Each of the Self-Esteem Team teachers will draw on their own experiences in the first part of the lesson. However, they do NOT:

Go into specifics about weights and sizes;

Speak about HOW a person might self-harm or conduct eating disordered behaviour;

Enter into communication about ‘ideal’ weights or sizes;

Deliberately cause students distress – whilst some of the topics are difficult, we always approach them with humour and sensitivity and try to ensure that everyone is comfortable.


Our lessons are mainly focussed on the emotional and psychological aspects of body image as well as the effect of the media and advertising.

If asked about eating and exercise, we will of course note the importance of physical activity (as long as not obsessive) and of ensuring the diet includes all the necessary food groups.

Body Gossip supports the ‘health at any size’ ethos. We believe that the key to good physical health lies in lifestyle and cannot be assessed by body shape. We also believe physical and mental health must work in balance.

We are against dieting and pro mindful eating.


Coppafeel Breast Cancer Awareness Classes

We strongly recommend that our Body Gossip classes are accompanied by a visit from Coppafeel, a charity which helps young people understand the breast cancer signs to look out for and how to check themselves. We have worked closely with Coppafeel and know that their ethos and teaching methods are completely in line with our own.

For more information go to: http://coppafeel.org/what-we-do/boobettes/