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'Body Image in Primary Schools' by

These guys won the Government's Body Confidence Awards in 2012 - and they absolutely deserved to. Their studies depicted in this book offer valuable lessons for teachers to address body image issues with younger children.

The average child watches between 20,000 and 40,000 adverts a year.

Girls as young as six are cutting down on what they eat to stay thinner.

Three quarters of ten and eleven year olds would like to change their appearance.

Body image and its impact upon self-esteem has been recognised as an issue which affects increasingly younger children. Research in this area has traditionally focused on adolescents yet anxieties about appearance often develop at a much earlier age than this. Primary schools have a critical role in helping children to develop a healthy body image through positive intervention.

Body Image in the Primary School offers step-by-step lessons for teachers to address this issue. It examines the continuous media and peer pressures that young children are exposed to and encourages children to recognise their own strengths and qualities and to become resilient members of society. The authors demonstrate a practical range of activities and projects for teachers to work with designed to make them confident in discussing body image in the classroom.

This book offers:

lesson plans for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and the transition to Key Stage 3
practical guidance on how to support and involve parents and carers
analysis on the changing social influences of home life, peer pressure and the media
overviews of research on the links between body image, academic achievement and emotional well-being.

This book contains explicit links to SEAL and the ECM outcomes and will be of significant interest to all teachers, teaching assistants and practitioners working with primary children.
Beyond Chocolate

'How to stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good' by Beyond Chocolate

We are huge fans of Beyond Chocolate - and if you read this book, or go to one of their Mindful Eating workshops, you'll soon see why.

Are you unhappy with your body but fed up with constant dieting?Would you like to lose weight without depriving yourself of the food you love? Beyond Chocolate is a radically different approach to weight loss. Serial dieters for years, Sophie and Audrey Boss finally overcame their weight problems when they discovered the key to success: break free from the diet mentality and learn how to listen to your body so that you can make food choices that really work for you. This book sets out a new, liberating approach to establishing a healthy and satisfying relationship with food, and a positive body image. Based on extensive research and workshops for women with weight issues, Beyond Chocolate will help you to:· Eat whatever you want without feeling guilty· Lose weight and not worry that you'll put it back on· Only think about food when you are hungry· Stop when you are satisfied· Feel comfortable in your body· Wear clothes you like and feel good in Beyond Chocolate is your passport to freedom!

'Hungry' by Crystal Renn

An inspiring and cautionary tale for women of all ages, Hungry is an uplifting memoir with a universal message about body image, beauty and self-confidence.

An inspiring and cautionary tale for women of all ages, Hungry is an uplifting memoir with a universal message about body image, beauty and self-confidence.

'Fat is a Feminist Issue' by Susie Orbach

Body Gossip fan Susie Orbach's first, amazing book - check her out, she is rather wonderful indeed.

When it was first published, Fat Is A Feminist Issue became an instant classic and it is as relevant today as it was then. Reflecting on our increasingly diet and body-obsessed society, Susie Orbach's new introduction explains how generations of women and girls are growing up absorbing the eating anxieties around them. In an age where women want to be sexy, nurturing, domestic goddesses, confident at work, and feminine too, the twenty-first-century woman is poorly armed for survival. Never before has the Fat Is A Feminist Issue revolution been more in need of revival.

Exploring our love/hate relationship with food, Susie Orbach describes how fat is about so much more than food. It is a response to our social situation; the way we are seen by others and ourselves. Too often food is a source of anguish, as are our bodies. But Fat Is A Feminist Issue discusses how we can turn food into a friend and find ways to accept ourselves for who and how we are. Following the step-by-step guide, and you too can put an end to food anxieties and dieting.

'Bodies' by Susie Orbach

Body Gossip fan Susie Orbach has supported our campaign for years - and we think her writing and studies on body image are outstanding. Check her out.

In the past decades, the pressure to perfect and design our bodies has been unprecedented. Men are encouraged to surgically pump up their pecs, breast enhancement is a sweet sixteen birthday present in the suburbs of America, and eating problems - from bulimia to obesity - are growing daily, affecting children as young as six. In China, women are having their legs broken and extended by 5cms. In Iran, behind the Hijab there are 35,000 cosmetic nose reconstructions a year. The body is no longer a given and to possess a flawless one has become the ambition of millions. In her years of practice as a psychoanalyst, Susie Orbach has come to realise that the way we view our bodies is the mirror of how we view ourselves: our body becomes the measure of our worth. In this book, she raises the fundamental questions about how we arrived here and proposes a new theory on how we became embodied.
Hope with Eating Disorders

Lynn Crilly's Book: Hope with Eating Disorders

A self-help guide for parents, carers and friends of sufferers

Lynn Crilly is a great friend of Body Gossip, and we are so proud to be involved with her brilliant book, 'Hope with Eating Disorders'.

To order Lynn's book, click here.  A donation from each sale goes to Body Gossip and Gossip School, and will allow us to visit underpriveleged schools all over the country.


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