Campaign and Policy Statement


Body Gossip is a positive body image charitable campaign that is empowering every body.  We aim to encourage people to fulfil their potential by being the best version of themselves and rocking their own brand of gorgeous.

There are many campaigns who tell you what to think and how to feel.  Body Gossip is more like an Anti-Campaign: we ask you 'What do you think?'

We aim to create a community both online and physically, of people who are proud to be individuals, enabling a forum in which they can inspire one another.

We provide an environment where people can be proud to be individuals; ask questions; share quotes and videos; debate and reassure one another.

Our audience is diverse: we do not exclude anyone.

Our venues are online, in schools, colleges, Universities, theatres and The Canvas Cafe in East London.

Body Gossip is currently run entirely by volunteers and receives no regular funding.

Why do we do the work we do?

Young people are becoming increasingly disenfranchised.  If we are to have a healthy, functioning society, young people need the confidence to fulfil their potential.

One thing that is robbing them of that, is the way that they are being manipulated into insecurity by corporations with big budgets via the internet, TV and other media.

In today's culture, it is difficult to exaggerate the importance of body image, and we believe that Body Gossip gets the approach right.

Beyond teenagers, the people they look up to also feel the pressures of negative body image and low self-esteem.

Body image is something that is so individual and personal, and yet it has been hijacked and turned into a commodity.  Effects of this are devestating.

Body Gossip is finding ways in which to give people back their personal power; allowing them to have a relationship with their own body.

We have made the following policy decisions:

We are not a commercial organisation.  We are a not-for-profit, charitable organisation.

We are not an advice-giving organisation.

If we are contacted for advice about a serious body confidence issue, for example self-harm, eating disorders or mental health, we will refer to trusted advice-giving organisations listed on our website.

We have a policy of confidentiality: everything we are told remains confidential, unless it will potentially cause abuse or harm, or threaten the life of an individual, or others, or if someone is having a crime perpetrated on themselves.

Regarding the legal Terms and Conditions of story submissions, we provide tick boxes on our website in the story submission process for writers to inform us what they are happy for us to do with their story after it has been submitted. 

As a matter of courtesy, we always inform contributors via email that we would like to use their story.

We would never sell the stories we receive from the general public to third parties.

Replying to emails: we aim to reply to emails within 30 days unless the email contains abusive language, spam or is an unsolicited request for mutual partnership.

Partnerships: we will not form partnerships with websites looking for mutual links.

Film usage: our films are there to be used as resources.  You are welcome to show them in support groups, as class resources etc.

Tshirts: please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch of Body Gossip Tshirts available at